Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

Three Reasons To Take Your Child To The Chiropractor Even If He Or She Doesn't Have Back Pain

Brent Chapman

As a responsible and concerned parent, you probably spend plenty of time making sure your child gets expert medical treatment for any and all illnesses as well as seeking preventive care before an illness develops. But what you may not realize is that your child can benefit from benefits of chiropractic care that result from correcting spinal fixations even if back pain symptoms aren't present. Here are three reasons this may be the case.

1. Spinal fixations can affect any other part of the body

Because your spine is such a vital part of your body and because it's so thoroughly entwined with not only your skeleton and muscles but also with the lymphatic system, immune system, neurological system, and so on, anything that improves spine health can have far-reaching benefits, and the same applies to children. So even if your child's spine doesn't seem to be suffering, improving its overall health is in your child's best interests.  

2. Your child may show generalized benefits

Even if you take your child in for regular visits that are purely preventative, the adjustments your chiropractor gives can help your child in difficult-to-understand ways. Studies show that children under chiropractic care sleep better, for example. You wouldn't expect a child to sleep badly without chiropractic care if there's no back pain, but apparently this effect is present for some reason. In addition, other generalized benefits such as immune system boosts can occur as well.  

3. Children have relatively malleable musculoskeletal systems

Because your child isn't fully grown yet, there's still time to train his or her musculoskeletal system into healthy habits. If your child is encouraged to adopt good posture and his or her spine is allowed to behave naturally (as occurs when the chiropractor releases any fixations during an adjustment), you're giving the entire musculoskeletal system a chance to develop properly and to solidify in the correct alignment, giving your child a well-developed body that's less likely to develop problems later in life. This is especially important because, due to the many and varied ways that the spine can affect the rest of the body, the best possible musculoskeletal development can prevent many serious disorders.  

These three reasons show that regular chiropractic care can help children lead healthy lives both during childhood and into adulthood. Be sure to ask your regular pediatrician if he or she thinks your child would benefit from chiropractic care and, if so, if there are any chiropractors in the area that specialize in caring for children.


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