Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

Don't Let Your Pokemon Go Obsession Lead To Neck Or Back Pain

Brent Chapman

If you've recently downloaded Pokemon Go to your mobile device and frequently find yourself walking around your city with your eyes fixated on your screen, it's important that you make your safety a priority — beyond trying to avoid walking into light poles. Maintaining a posture in which your chin is tucked toward your chest can lead to neck or upper back pain, which can land you in the local chiropractic clinic in need of an adjustment. While this treatment can alleviate your pain, you should try to take steps to prevent it from taking place while you enjoy this trendy new game. Here are some strategies to keep in mind.

Lift Your Head Regularly

As much as you want to keep your eyes stuck to your smartphone's screen so that you won't miss any of the characters in Pokemon Go, this posture is less than healthy for your neck and upper back. You should make a commitment to lift your head regularly. Ideally, you should look up every few minutes to allow your neck and upper back to regain their natural posture. You should also abstain from playing this mobile game for long stretches. While you might be deeply caught up in trying to complete the game, it's not worth a neck or back injury.

Incorporate Some Exercises

One of the benefits of playing Pokemon Go is that it gets you out walking. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, your interest in this game can provide a significant percentage of your daily exercise. However, it's also important to incorporate some additional exercises beyond just walking. When you take your frequent breaks to look up, take a moment to gently stretch your neck from side to side, and from front to back. Gently shrugging your shoulders up and down a few times can also help to loosen up the muscles that may have tightened due to holding your arms stationary in front of you to support your device.

Set The Game Aside

It's a good idea to occasionally set your mobile device aside and plan to avoid playing the game for a day here and there. Devoting time to the game for a long period of time each day can lead to repetitive strain injuries that can require the care of a chiropractor; even if you aren't sore after one day, the repeated strain to your neck and upper back during subsequent gaming sessions can lead to pain. As much as you might be obsessed with the game, try to take time away from it regularly.

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