Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

Support Your Spouse by Attending Physical Therapy and Asking These Questions

Brent Chapman

When your spouse has had an injury that requires visiting a physical therapist to help with the rehabilitation process, it's appropriate to attend these appointments with them. Doing so shows moral support, and it helps with travel logistics if your spouse has trouble getting in and out of the car. Another valuable reason to attend these appointments is to ask the physical therapist some questions that your spouse might not think to ask because he or she is too focused on the exercises or is discouraged by the injury. Your questions will play a role in learning more about the therapy process and hopefully making it go quicker and smoother.

How Can I Assist with the Exercises at Home?

In addition to learning and practicing the exercises at the physical therapist's clinic, your spouse will also be asked to perform some exercises at home. When you attend the appointment and ask this question, you'll learn the important role that you can play in the home-based exercise regimen. Many physical therapists appreciate when a spouse or family member can assist with the exercise at home, whether it's holding a body part to provide a little support or monitoring the person's form to ensure that each repetition is done correctly.

What Happens If Pain Occurs When Exercising at Home?

Your spouse may be so focused on learning the right exercise mechanics that he or she doesn't think about pain occurring—and that's where you can help. Asking this question ensures that there's a clear plan of how to proceed if pain occurs, as certain types of pain can be very serious. The physical therapist will outline the types of pain that should be treated at home with ice or heat as well as identify the signs that a body part has been pushed too far and that the exercise should be stopped for a period of time.

Is There Any Way to Speed Up the Recovery?

It's important to realize that the recovery process from many injuries, especially if surgery is involved, can be lengthy. While your spouse may feel a little discouraged at his or her lack of mobility at the present time, you can ask about the safe methods of speeding up the recovery process. The physical therapist won't offer you any unsafe shortcuts but can provide tips about things such as performing the exercise regimen at home every day.

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