Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

How To Avoid Spinal Injuries From Crossfit Exercise

Brent Chapman

CrossFit is an exciting exercise program that uses simple, functional movements to help build core strength, boost stamina, and increase your power and speed. However, the intensity of this program has brought it under fire, especially after one CrossFit athlete suffered a severe spinal injury. Avoiding serious spinal injuries when participating in CrossFit requires carefully following your trainer's suggestions and visiting a chiropractor.

Serious Spinal Injuries Have Happened With CrossFit

CrossFit came under scrutiny recently after athlete Kevin Ogar became paralyzed during a weightlifting competition. Ogar, a long-time weightlifter and coach, was performing at the OC Throwdown in California and missed snatching a weight during his routine.

Incredibly, this severed his spine at the T-11 vertebra, leaving him paralyzed for life. This injury has put CrossFit in the spotlight, especially after other experts have stated that CrossFit could cause spinal injuries in older, out-of-shape athletes.

Trainers Can Help Avoid These Spinal Injuries

While the severity of Ogar's injury may be rare, the intensity of CrossFit means it still puts people at risk for serious spinal injury. If you are starting CrossFit, you should hire an instructor and follow their suggestions to the letter. They will help you maintain form and keep you from overburdening yourself. Essentially, they will work with you to come up with a simple program that takes your fitness into consideration and will help you avoid the risk of spinal injury.

For example, they will integrate a variety of weight lifting routines (such as weighted squats, bending lifts, and curls) slowly and at lower levels of intensity. As a result, you may perform some exercises more slowly then you'd like, but a good trainer will gradually increase the intensity to increase your back strength, further decreasing your risk of spinal injury.

The Role Of The Chiropractor

Although a CrossFit trainer is crucial, the best way to avoid spinal injuries is to get your back regularly checked by a chiropractor. While most spinal misalignment problems occur gradually, exercises as intense as CrossFit may accelerate existing problems or cause new concerns. Thankfully, chiropractors exist: they can help keep your spine safe from injury with subtle manipulations.

Chiropractors can help you by:

  • Correcting any spinal misalignment
  • Eliminating pain as it occurs
  • Strengthening your back and improving your posture
  • Restoring motion to your joints
  • Decreasing personal sickness

Any athlete should consider chiropractic adjustments. However, the intensity of CrossFit increases the necessity of attending regular chiropractor appointments. Deciding on the proper adjustment schedule will depend on your needs and the availability of your chiropractor. While it might cost you a little extra money to attend these appointments, it'll be worth it to maintain mobility.


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