Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

2 Benefits Provided By Drug Testing

Brent Chapman

Drug testing services are one of the most useful tools that any business owner or manager can take advantage of, mostly because it can provide you with a long list of benefits. Drug testing can be utilized to screen current employees in order to catch potential issues or as a way to sift through applicants to ensure that you do not get a current drug user on your staff. Listed below are two benefits provided by drug testing.


One of the most important benefits provided by drug testing is that it can make your business a safer place to be for both your employees and any clients or customers that visit your workplace. This is especially true if your company deals with large machinery, precision equipment, or vehicles that require complete sobriety and focus to handle safely. In that environment, someone that is impaired due to drugs can easily end up making a mistake that could potentially injure or kill himself or herself, as well as put all of his or her co-workers at risk. 

Fewer Expenses

Another benefit provided by drug testing is that it can actually save you money and cut down on your expenses. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing the drug testing process to screen out any potentially problematic applicants that may turn out to be unreliable or disruptive. By identifying this issue before you hire an individual, you can avoid wasting time and money training that individual and simply move on to another applicant.

Another way that drug testing can cut down on expenses is by decreasing your liability. For example, if you have a drug-using employee that causes a customer to become injured while in your place of business due to negligence caused by the drugs, then you are liable for that accident and will likely end up having to pay for medical expenses and a potential lawsuit. In addition, impaired employees can also potentially cause a lot of damage to your worksite or equipment because they may not be able to perform their jobs properly, which will cost you money on repairs. 

Contact a drug testing service like Pecos Family Chiropractic in your area today in order to discuss how they can help your business. These services can help you cut down on expenses caused by drug-abusing employees while also helping you to make your business a much safer environment for your employees and customers.


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