Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

Focus On These Three Healthy Habits After Your Chiropractic Adjustment

Brent Chapman

When you visit a chiropractor for an adjustment, your body goes through a considerable change – especially if your spine was dramatically misaligned before your visit. Given the nature of this change, it's important to engage in healthy habits that promote healing after you leave the chiropractic clinic. Remember that your body is integrating its recent physical change and the way that you spend the hours after the appointment can either promote healing or negate it. Although your chiropractor will give you specific aftercare instructions based on your condition, here are three healthy habits that are generally advantageous for all chiropractic patients to adopt.  

Be Sure To Drink Water Regularly

Proper hydration is integral to a wide range of health functions, but it's vitally important to ensure that you're consistently drinking water after you leave your chiropractic appointment. The chiropractic adjustment can actually release toxins that have been stored in your body, so making sure that you're properly hydrated will allow you to flush out these toxins when you go to the bathroom. Hydration is also an important to way to get through any uncomfortable side effects that you're facing after the adjustment, including headaches and some light muscle soreness. The exact amount of water you should drink depends on how hydrated you are; in general, strive to sip water regularly so you're never thirsty. Thirst is a sign of mild dehydration.

Don't Fight Your Desire To Rest

It's common to experience fatigue in the hours that follow your chiropractic adjustment, and with good reason – your body has just experienced a significant physical change. Try not to fight the desire to relax after your treatment. Lie on the couch or go to bed for a nap; sleeping helps you feel restored and can also help you get through any mild side effects that have resulted from the adjustment. Given the value of post-adjustment rest, it's generally useful to schedule your appointment with a chiropractor (such as Gerleman Chiropractic Office) at a time that resting won't conflict with other obligations.

Keep Your Stress In Check

It's not always possible to avoid stressful situations, but the more you can keep stress at bay after your chiropractic adjustment, the more you'll help your body heal. Stress is harmful because of the physiological changes it promotes; tight muscles in your upper back that result from stress can work against the chiropractic adjustment. Try to avoid people and situations that cause you stress. Oftentimes, this can mean spending some time at home alone.


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