Staying Safe At Work

Staying Safe At Work

Fight Back Against Headache Pain With These Healthy Habits

Brent Chapman

People frequently turn to the use of medication to provide headache relief, but if you aren't keen on taking this approach, there's another way to reduce your pain. Visiting a chiropractor can be an effective way to combat this common health issue. Headaches often arise when your neck or even your upper back becomes misaligned. By adjusting the spine and reducing pressure on your nerves and muscles, your chiropractor can help your pain melt away. Your chiropractor will also suggest some ways that you can keep the pain from returning in the days and weeks after your adjustment. If you're anxious to adopt these healthy ideas even before you visit the chiropractor, here are three ways to start.

Cut Down On Stress

Stress can develop from time to time, but if you're living with a constant degree of stress or overall anxiety, it can be contributing to your headaches. The key way to cut down on your stress level is to learn how to relax. This can include partaking in relaxing activities such as yoga, but also ensuring that you're in bed early enough each night -- a lack of sleep can often cause stress. Many people find relief for their stress through the simplification of their daily routines. For example, work on being realistic about what you can accomplish each day. Setting goals that are too lofty can make you feel stressed, especially if you aren't able to achieve everything on your to-do list.

Go For A Walk

Walking has myriad health benefits, but this simple form of exercise can also be a valuable ally in your effort to reduce your headaches. Walking causes your body to release hormones known as endorphins; these hormones can improve your mood which can be a beneficial way to alleviate your headache pain. Walking is also a way to relax; it has a repetitive quality that can be meditative. As you perform this form of exercise, it can be easy for your mind to relax and your pain to begin melting away.

Get Up At Work

If you sit all day at work, your headaches might be resulting from poor posture. Over time, it's easy to develop a posture in which you lean forward, but this position puts a strain on your neck and can lead to discomfort. There are many health issues that relate from excessive sitting, including headaches. One solution is to set your alarm hourly and get up and move for just two minutes. Walking in place or a quick walk around the office can help you feel better and lessen your headache.

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